John C. Lowery, Inc. (JCL) began its renowned journey in 1970 when John Lowery and Mary Stanton teamed up with a few highly skilled carpenters to provide interior construction services for local contractors in the Southern Tier of New York. Securing major projects with Corning Glass, Cornell University and Ithaca College, JCL became known as the go-to interior subcontractor for large, complex projects in the region. By the end of the decade, our team grew to more than 30 construction professionals.

Building on a reputation of exceeding client expectations, JCL continued to expand in the 1980s and 1990s under the guidance of John Lowery. By 1999, the business had grown to nearly $10 million in sales, with a workforce of more than 50 carpenters, laborers and tapers. During that period, facilitated by word-of-mouth endorsements of our excellent work, we broke beyond our initial geographic boundaries. By the turn of the century, JCL was handling projects in most regions of Upstate New York.

John C. Lowery, Inc. is stronger and healthier today than ever before. In 2013, we were ranked as one of the Top 50 Contractors in the United States by the Walls and Ceilings Magazine. Our geographic boundaries continue to grow as does our depth and commitment to providing world-class interior construction services.